Mobile Connect™

Mobile ConnectThe right software will ensure that your mobile application is as effective, as cost-efficient and as versatile as possible. Our flagship software offering is Mobile Connect™, a highly scalable, feature-rich platform for businesses of all sizes and across many markets. It consists of a wide array of generic, re-usable module, packages and dashboard components that are tried and tested. We can offer you a choice of bespoke, customised software developments for your application or more simple off-the-shelf packages.

Download the Mobile Connect brochurePlease note that Spirit Data Capture is now part of the Renovotec Group.

Software applications

Mobile Connect™ can be used for a wide array of mobile service applications, from route management, task scheduling and service order assignment through to issuing invoices, warranty repair, customer signature capture and asset management. For example, it can be used for tracking the positions of delivery vehicles; carrying out analyses of customer assets; and receiving feedback from workers in the field. It can also be used for activities ranging from field inspection and environmental protection through to hospital patient tracking, electronic proof of delivery, meter reading and much, much more.

Mobile Connect™ enables us to provide a variety of software packages that include the specific modules needed by a business.