Finance Solutions for Leasing hardware, software and services

Renovotec provides a range of flexible finance packages, designed to cover your business needs - including hardware, software and services. The options available include:

  • Off balance sheet operating leases
  • Capital leases
  • Technology management financing
  • Pilot programme rentals
  • Technology swap financing
  • Independent operator finance programmes
  • Rent-to-own programmes

Our dedicated finance partners specialise in offering competitive leasing deals that can be tailored to meet your requirements:

  • 100% financing
  • 24-72 month financing terms
  • Varied /customer elected purchase
  • Graduated options payments
  • Technology refresh options
  • Delayed payments
  • Ewaste technology disposal


Benefits of leasing

  • You can set your leasing costs against tax
  • Conserves your equity
  • Reduces the need for loans
  • Overcomes lack of capital budget
  • Provides obsolescence protection
  • Conforms with many company finance policies
  • Credit checks can be completed online and approved within 24 hours

Contact us now to discuss your planned purchases and finance needs. We will give you a no-obligation quotation.