Extreme Wireless WiNG AP7562


Extreme Wireless WiNG AP7562

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Introducing the ExtremeWireless AP 7562 802.11ac outdoor access point from Extreme Networks, purpose-built to meet the demands of your outdoor spaces. On the outside, the AP 7562 offers a rugged housing built to handle anything from rain, snow, and hurricane-force winds to sub-zero temperatures. On the inside, you get all the power you need to provide high-performance, seamless, reliable, and secure wireless access for even the densest user populations


Base Specification:

  • Dual Radios; supports 256-QAM
  • 3X3 MIMO with 3 Spatial Streams
  • 20,40 and 80 MHz Channels
  • 1.9 Gbps Data Rates on Dual Concurrent Radio Operations
  • Packet Aggregation
  • Reduced Interface Spacing
  • 802.11 DFS
  • MIMO Power Save
  • Advanced Forward Error Correction Coding
  • 802.11ac Transmit Beamforming
  • Maximal Ratio Combining 
  • 1 year warranty


Other Options:

  • External Antennas